What was the phrase that I heard today? A reporter said it on the radio. What he meant by what he said was that he wanted to share his perspective of a topic in such a way that it engendered deep understanding of that perspective. I don’t mean perspective as in a position in an argument, but the perspective of a witness. I wonder why what he said struck me. I identified with it because it is why I want to write. I do not wish to present an argument or facts. Nor do I wish to present a stylized character, speaking to be heard. I like criticism with good description because it gives me eyes and ears where I don’t have any and lets me taste a bit of the enjoyment or disgust for myself. I don’t like to be told how to be affected because it hinders genuine affection. I wish I could remember what the phrase was.

Needless to say, you are reading this. But I don’t know when.

As I write these words for the purpose of posting my first entry on this blog I doubt there is soul poised to read it. But...

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